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Newb from South Fl

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I've been lurking for the past couple days and figured I'd sign up and introduce myself. My name is Rick and I'm looking to become a G8 GT owner in the next few months. Just started doing some research after coming across a few G8's at a local car show and got the itch for a nice DD. I've narrowed down my color choices to White Hot, Magnetic Gray Metallic or Pacific Slate Metallic and equipped with the A6 and sunroof, anything more is a bonus. This place looks like a great source of knowledge based upon what I've been reading so far:ftw:

Oh and here are a couple pics of my other cars:

03 Mach 1

08 GT Father/Son Project (AKA the other money pit)

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Welcome to the group! PM sent.
BTW we're having our 3rd Annual G8 Meet in Tampa if you want to check a big variety of G8's. We had about 35 or so last year and we're expecting 45+ this year. It's June 28th, 29th, and 30th. The 29th being the main event day.
Welcome and good luck with your search!

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