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Nick Williams 102MM throttle body in stock and on sale at Juiced Motorsports

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Nick Williams Performance drive-by-wire throttle bodies are CNC precision-machined from billet aluminum to meet the demands for increased airflow on the drive-by-wire LSX performance engines. The 102mm throttle bodies require an aftermarket intake to fit the larger diameter throttle blade. They use a 6-pin late model connector that works with late model wiring harnesses. These systems can add serious power over your stock or even ported 90Mmm systems especially in boosted applications. Pair one up with an aftermarket intake for biggest gains.

LS 102MM throttle body

LS 102MM boosted throttle body (for high boost applications)
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Pair one up with a FAST intake
Big power gains on forced induction cars or big cube motors
More air means more power
Big power. We can install these and tune as well.
Call for a intake manifold/102 package deal
A must on supercharged cars
102s at the best price around
Great option for big power
The stocker will become a bottle neck on bigger builds
Nick Williams 102s are a must for high powered LS cars
Great with Fast intakes
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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