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Nitto NT05's

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What tire pressure do you run with these tires, not the drag radials. I'm running 275/35/19's and still do not hook. I'm hoping it's because it's still around 60 degrees out!? I've got them at 35psi & they do hook better than the 40psi that the tire shop sent me home with. Debating dropping down to 30? Anybody have any experience with these?
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I am not sure about the NT05, but I've found a good spot to be around 32/33 psi cold for my tires. Once heated up, they are in the 34/35 range, and seem to kook pretty good.
35 cold works much better than 40. I'll only spin a little from a dig rolling into the throttle.
I'm about 35 cold all around on NT05's as well. I don't really have issues hooking. Was pulling 1.87s at the track with stock stall bolt on only car.

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Im at 35lbs on all four corners too. Considering its still a "street tire", I think they hook pretty well. Do they hook like a DR? No, but Im impressed with them. They hook much better than my old Contis.
Steve, those puppies are not going to hook in first no matter the tire pressure. Just the nature of the beast after you crank that extra 80-100hp out after swapping cams and getting the top end built
I have the regular nt05 and I run 275/35/20 and I found 30 is about perfect and no more than 32. In fact to me it seems 32 is riding in the middle a little to much but I still spin a little. The nt05 seems to be the stickiest I can find in a 20 in that size.
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