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I had pretty bad typical clunking noise from our crappy front control arms, so I ended up buying new control arms (the thicker of the 2 thats has a slight bend in it, not the straight one) and it totally fix the clunk over bumps problem. I was dealing with the problem for about 6 months, changing first the front sway links then finally the control arms. I was soo happy when the front end felt so solid again.

Now however I got a new problem I notice today, (its been about a week and half since the shop installed them) but when I come to a stop...right at the end of it I hear a loud click noise towards the front, not a clunk, like the sound you hear when putting the trans In park. Not all the time, but mostly at stops, sometimes on turns and sometimes coming to a stop but not completely stopped yet. I searched and saw it might be the trans? But thats kinda hard to beleive at the moment since I just got the front end suspenstion fix. Ill do further testing like stopping while the car is in nutral and see what happens.
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