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Ordered a set of Continental Extreme Contact DWS in 245/35/20 and 275/30/20 yesterday for my midnight silver Camaro SS wheels. Should be in Monday, so I hope to have the wheels on the car by next weekend. I currently have 245/45/18 and 275/40/18 DW's on it now and I was really impressed with them so that's why I went with the DWS's on the 20's, that and I couldn't find DW's in the 20" size. I hope to take the car to the drag strip once or twice this year so hopefully these tires will suffice for the couple of runs I plan on making on them.

My DW's have roughly 3000 miles on them and I plan on putting them up for sale, just don't know how much I could get for them. The wheels are 98% perfect, just a couple of scratches from the previous owner. I was thinking like $800 for all four?

I'll post up pics of the new wheels and tires once they're here. I can't wait to join the Camaro SS wheel bandwagon lol.
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