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Parting out my G8 GT

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Parting out my 2009 PBM G8 GT plus additional aftermarket performance parts - the car is black but the exterior is wrapped in vinyl which is why it doesn't look black. I have most all interior parts available plus whatever exterior parts were not damaged. Large parts like seats or doors will be local pickup in Indianapolis.
Parts I DO NOT have: Doghouse, Passenger Mirror, Rear Spoiler, Rear Diffuser, Rear Bumper, Rearview Mirror, Wheels.

•Driver side kidney grille (one minor defect, picture below) - $60 + shipping
  • NIB Whiteline Front Sway Bar 26mm HD adjustable - $175 + shipping
  • Whiteline rear sway bar - $150 + shipping
  • Whiteline rear sway bar end links - $75 + shipping
  • 2 Driver Side Fog Lamp Covers - $40 + shipping
  • NIB SuperPro Rear Control Arm Lower-Inner Bushing Kit SPF2865K - $25 shipped
  • NIB Whiteline Rear Subframe - Mount Bushing W93166 - $75 shipped

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Wheel Tire Vertebrate Hood Window


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Driver side CV Axle ?
The backing plate is the piece of metal behind the brake rotor also know as the brake shield. Generic photo for clarity.

View attachment 188049
Will check today, I think I removed them because my brakes are upgraded.
Do you have the steering wheel controls for sale?
Have whole steering wheel available for $200 shipped.
Did you end up selling the motor ?
Yes engine is sold
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Looking for passenger seat....if still stitched. Im near Fort Wayne, but going to G8 takeover in Noblesville
Yes it is available and in perfect condition.
Have the headers and x pipe?
Could you send me photos please as the G8 car show got moved to this Saturday and would be interested. My daughter has Down syndrome and on the larger size and has pulled a little hole into a large one. I could buy whole set if you would prefer. Also the overhead sunroof control-mine is loose and causing a rattle. 2 six 0 six 0 9 six 8 one nine
Sorry I just came back to board and didnt get a notice that you responded
DM'ed you the seat pic.
Dont have a sunroof so no controls.
Do you have the lid for the center console available? Also did the hood scoops survive? Judging by the pic I would guess they didn't, but thought I'd ask.
Yes on center console lid - $60 shipped
No on hood scoops.
Steering wheel sold.
Yes I have JBA shorty headers (jet hot coated black) available, as well as full SOLO Mach Shorty exhaust system
do you still have the seats available and if so how much ?
Yes except for passenger seat was sold. Airbag deployed from side of driver seat so that would need to be re-stitched. Rear seats are in perfect condition. Will do $400 for all but are too large to ship so would need to be picked up in Indianapolis.
Looking for the master cylinder cap. Or just the gasket. Still have my cap with no gasket:rolleyes:
Already sold.
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Do you still have the wiper motor and the window console switches?
Yes I do.
Looking for:
  1. glovebox lock cylinder with bezel & key
  2. driver's interior door handle
Yes have both, will PM you.
Do you have Brembos's still?
I have the rear set available. Just sold fronts.
How much, and would you be willing to meet?
$50 for each.
Looking for center console shifter surround. From cup holders to seat heaters?
My center console shifter surround is damaged. Do have cup holders and seats minus passenger seat.
What would you want for just the drivers seat and is it leather or cloth?
Leather, but the airbag deployed out the left side. Still interested?
Car has gone to salavage, thanks all for your interest!

I do still have the front and rear sway bars available.
Nope gone.
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