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I ordered a 2011 Caprice Passenger side panel for the GT but, it is not shaped the same and will not work.

I do have one of the fix kits GM provided for the drivers side. I believe it will work on the passengers side as well.

Does anyone have a post or a url that shows pictures as to how to install this? I found a post here in the forum with written instructions but would really like some pictures, if available.

I took a picture of the passenger side panel for the GT and the 2011 Caprice panel I ordered. I will post that later to show it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance.
Hey Old Poop!

At a risk of P*ssing you off totally

You could try a couple of websites in Oz that sell brand new original trims including the stock they bought up for LHD G8s.

I could steer you there.

Were you guy that couldn't figure out how to open the fuel filler when the car was locked or someone else?

Yes the stretched Caprice version probably will not fit. Rookie mistake.
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