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I was wondering if anyone knows if Discount Tire matches prices from Discounted Wheel Warehouse? I want to get some new Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/40r19 tires (Discount Tire Link) for my GT, but they are $297/tire. Not a bad price, but I found them for $247 + $9.72 S&H at DWW.

Now that it has started raining again in SoCal, it's time get some new shoes... :rolleyes:



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We guarantee the lowest delivered price (unit price + shipping). Prices on our website are shipped prices. We do our best to shop our competitors and set our prices accordingly, however, with over 5000 tires and wheels. It’s impossible to keep up with every tire and wheel every day. If any of our competitors have a lower delivered price when you are ready to order, please call us at 1-800-589-6789 and we will beat it. The first available agent will assist you.

We appreciate your help and we want to earn your business,
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