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I've had a few people asking me questions about the build and for some pics...

I am the first to run a big blower with cog drive side slinger so my car was basically the trial
and error test car and after we got everything working and everything said and done on it
I honestly wouldn't recommend this setup even though many people have ran a similar
setup in other platforms without trouble.

The car is fast and we are making adjustments to get this to work but here are some of the important
factors you might want to know:

1. You have to have a good crank machined for strong keys
2. The long travel of the cog belt combined with the size of cog crank pulley hanging off the balancer which is hanging off the crank
puts a ton of stress on the crank.
3. You will have bracket flex which combined with #2 results in belt failure.
4. You do have to lower the motor with custom motor mounts which isn't a big deal.
5. You have to do a little trimming here and there.

Going back to #2, if your crank isn't strong enough or your balancer backs off and you shear the keys it will spin on the crank
and too much damage will be done before you realize you have a problem. You will start seeing boost drop. Then you are
rebuilding your motor.

First, my ati balancer failed. Complete broke in half. The problem was that you couldn't see it unless it was pulled off the motor.
It sheared the keys and the balancer was spinning on the crank. We started seeing boost drop on the dyno and then the balancer and
crank pulley just fell off. The crank was tore up pretty bad. We put a temporary fix on it just to make a race the following weekend.

We feel that the procharger bracket is good. We are going to fabricate a custom brace that will run from the pc cog crank pulley to the
pulley on the blower. This will eliminate most of the stress on the end of the crank.


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Wow. That's a lot of work! Good luck!
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