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Hey folks... I thought I'd share. I figure a lot of folks looking for quick connects might not think of using these. If your fittings bust/crack and you need the male stub, it seems like you're out of luck. At least I couldn't find the set of fittings; just the female connector.

I've used these for other things (sub-zero chillers and garden hoses). They're called Cam-Lock Fittings.

The link goes to the aluminum ones since that is what the corrosion inhibitors are designed for, but brass and stainless steel are also available. Since the parts are not electrically connected to anything else, there wouldn't need to be any worry about corrosion, but the aluminum ones are the cheapest so they make the most sense.

These come with Buna-N Gaskets which are good for -40 to 212F, and so you would want to be sure to purchase some EPDM for -40 to 250F service. Viton is not recommended for colder climates when temperatures routinely get below +5F.

There are other more expensive varieties from other sources that have locking mechanisms instead of the Cotter pin if you want a cleaner look. You could of course make your own little custom and invisible lock, but I have not devised one as of yet.

Some folks might have thought about this already, but for those that haven't I figured I'd share.


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