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Race with GTO

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I was actually driving with my mom, and was going to give her an example of my acceleration, so i floored it off a stop light, come to find that a 5.7 gto also had floored it so apparently i was racing. I continued to floor it (was in sport mode) and only lost by a half car length.
It was a 5.7 gto.

Am i right to be surprised that my v6 only lost by a half car length?

I thought I'd get blown away.
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yea if you would have went much over 60 it would have gotten brutal fast! They get pretty nasty in 3rd and 4th gear.

I raced my little brother in his back when I just had CAI and superchips cortex. And Ive got a GT.

Good stuff, 5.7 are ~350hp, i know if you do basic bolt ons the Camaro LLT/LFX V6 you can take stock LS1 cars
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