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Rear Suspension Refresh Advice

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Hi All,

Just got my new to me 2009 G8 GT in pretty good shape with the exception of the rear suspension. Unfortunately due to it being in the midwest all its life the rear suspension components are pretty rusted out. Current plan is to get a less rusty rear cradle and replace all of the control arms. Struts were replaced somewhat recently by the PO and are still in pretty good shape, so I'm going to keep those.

My goal with the car is basically to have a fun weekend driver with some occasional track days/autocross events. Not looking to set any records or race competitively, but want to have some fun seeing what the car can do. Looking to keep the ride nice while making sure that the car won't fall apart after 1 session on the track. Current plan is to go the Mevotech Supreme line route from RockAuto for all the control arms and just wanted to get some opinions on them. That seems to be the budget friendly way of getting the rear suspension hardware replaced with decent stuff. Looking through the forum there seems to be good opinions about their front suspension components, but I havent been able to find anything about the rear suspension. Im open to suggestions for alternatives as well.

For bushings, I'm on the fence as to whether I want to put the money and effort into the rear cradle bushings while I have it down. Dont want to sacrifice any ride quality/NVH if there isnt much to be gained for my application. Any advice in this area would be appreciated as well. Let me know if any other info is needed, thanks!
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My two cents would be to replace everything while it’s out. I’m about to drop the sub frame for the second time to replace the upper control arm bushings from BMR. It’s a lot stiffer with everything in the rear replaced with BMR, so even just stock components I’d recommend replacing them.

as for the subframe bushings, I would look into some alternatives to stock. Comparison to stock, BMR’s are a lot more solid with very little play. You’ll see the spacing in the stock ones if you buy another subframe.

with it already out I’d just recommend doing as much if not all while it’s out so hopefully you don’t have to drop it out for a long time.
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This helps. Not a rear suspension brace, a chassis brace that strengthens the body attachment points of the rear springs and shocks by adding tension to the body. Works.
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