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Replacing G8 Drivers Seat Trim with a Caprice Version

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My drivers seat trim had basically come off as many have experienced. Here's what it looked like when I removed it from the car.

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From conversation here on the forum, I was led to believe that a seat cover off a 2011 Caprice would work. You would end up with some extra holes by the seat adjuster switch and would have to drill one for the lumbar support.

Here's the new Drivers side cover I ordered from Holmart. It was 60% of the price I was finding in the US for the same part, all in.

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The new one does not have a box if you will, to hold the switch. I had to trim the little tabs on the new cover to allow the switch to set flush in the new cover. When trying to fit the new switch into the new cover, the holes were not cut properly to accommodate the old switch. So, I got the utility knife out and started cutting. Not the prettiest work but, everything fit okay when I was done. Here some pictures with before and after carving.

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Once this was done, I cut the hole for the lumbar knob. I used a 1 1/4" wood bit to cut the hole after drilling a small pilot hole to start. Continued in next post..
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Lumbar pics

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Because the new panel did not have a place to hold the seat switch, I used double sided carpet tape on the switch and firmly pushed it onto the inside of the new cover, then pushed the seat adjustment handle into place and mounted it to the drivers seat. Other than a few extra holes, it fits well. I decided to check the passenger side because I never ride in the G8 and of course, it is sagging. Guess I'll order a passenger side from Holmart and do it again.

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Zip ties is what I've used for failing seat trim. You can't see them and it holds it in place securely. Plus, you're not left with swiss cheesed trim.
Interesting result. Personally, the extra cutouts would be a real nuisance particularly on the driver's side.
Since I am the one that drives the car 99.9% of the time, once I set the seat to where I want it, I rarely, if ever move it again.

So, the holes didn't really bother me and the seat trim is tight. I'm happy with it.

To me it is better than a broken one that can't be replaced with a new or used one, unless one could find that live dinosaur out there.
I just ordered a replacement for the passenger's side. Guess I'll have holes on that side as well.

Perhaps you can use the caprice switches and wire them to the harness?
IIRC my PPV had electronic lumbar versus a dial. But besides that one, perhaps the rest would work and the lumbar switch would just be a placeholder?

Info for Caprice said 10 way seat trim. As lastcall190 referenced, I guess the lumbar support was via a switch. So, 6 way seat adjustment I get, lumbar I get, what else could be on that switch?

Don't know if I am interested enough to go look. haha..
I am near 100% sure my PPV did not have anything even remotely approaching 10 ways of adjustability, electronically.

The Actual WM Caprice in AU likely had 10 ways...
I'd suggest a Dremmel tool for cleaner trimming.
Good idea.
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