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So last week I ordered the Machine Polish & Wax Kit from Griot's Garage. I have never used a machine to polish/wax my paint before, so I figured this was a nice kit to start off with.

The kit comes with:

- 6'' Random Orbital Buffer
- Machine Polish 3
- Best of Show Wax
- Griot's Garage Clay
- Griot's Garage Speedshine
- 6'' Polishing Pad
- 6'' Waxing Pad

I started off by washing the car with Dawn to strip off any old wax and remove any standing grease on the paint's surface. While the car was still semi wet, I then clayed the entire car while using the Speed Shine detailing spray to keep the clay lubricated. Their clay works nicely, and better than any clay I've ever used. Then I rinsed the car thoroughly, and dried it with a 100% cotton towel.

Now it was time to bring the car indoors and begin polishing. Starting with the hood, I started polishing 2-3 foot areas. You could really start to see the swirl marks disappear as I passed over each area.

I eventually finished the whole car, and that alone was enough to really see a huge difference in the paint. But after the wax was applied with the orbital buffer was when the paint REALLY started to pop.

I was impressed with this product. It took out the swirls & minor scratches nicely, and it did it safely. The trick is to be patient with it. Plan on making a day out of it if you're going to take it from start to finish because it will take you at least 8 hours if you do this the right way. It's worth it though.

The next time, I won't have to polish the car. Just wash, dry, and wax with the orbital buffer. This is really the way to go no matter which product you chose (Adams, Griot's, Zaino, etc.)

Here are a couple of shots of the end result (although the pics really don't do it justice.)

[/url] 20130415_100216 by DanSVT03, on Flickr[/IMG]

[/url] 20130415_100219 by DanSVT03, on Flickr[/IMG]
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