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Long story short, got called out by a fellow racer who was taking their Charger Daytona to the Track. Told them I already had plans and may not be able to go on opening day.

They said I was scared to "Have my ass handed to me" blah blah blah.

I did not have time to swap my wheels and I'm more than confident in my cars performance. So I went to the track on my 22s! :pimp:

By the time I got there, Imagine that.... The Charger busted a trans line and never made a pass. So I went ahead and ran on my 22s and managed several 13.0x and a [email protected]

Coyote 5.0, Intake/Tune/Slicks and Front runners! 11.69!

R/T: .242
60': 2.028
594FT: 7.958
1/8 ET: 8.477
1/8 MPH: 86.62
1/4 ET: 12.905
1/4 MPH: 108.45

DA was -162 - 44degrees outside.

Wonder what I would've ran if I had my drag pack on..... :driving:

My 22s are 68lbs ea. Heavy MOFOS!

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Awesome bro!!!!
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