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Running Temperature or DA?

In 2010 I ran the car with headers, RotoFab and the Vector tune. Over 7 runs I avg'd [email protected] The DA that night was 912, ambient was 59, and corrected the runs avg'd [email protected]

Friday I got back to the track with the PatG tune and had added the Dynomax VT mufflers. Over 4 runs I avg'd [email protected] I was kinda bummed with the results and really thought I'd break into the 12s at a higher mph because the car felt stronger on the street. Anyways the DA Friday was 1854, ambient was 72 and corrected the times avg'd out to [email protected] In 2010 the ECT and IAT avg'd 209/60 over the runs, Friday these temps avg'd 232/78 during WOT over the 4 runs.

Do you think the running temperatures or DA had a bigger impact on performance? A lot of people dismiss cooler thermostats, but this sure seems like justification for one. Should I go with a cooler thermostat or leave it stock? Finally what's considered a optimal coolant temperature for the track?
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