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A cool article just went online at HighPerformancePontiac.com featuring a very tastefully modified '09 GT.

My name is Shaun DeLoche and I’m addicted to cars. It began the day I was born. You see, my father, Guy DeLoche, is an automotive technician, and in our household, cars rule. If you were to ask us what our favorite team is, the answer would have to be General Motors. I learned at an early age to appreciate automobiles and see each of them as a work of art rather than simply a means of transportation.
My current project is a 1-of-1,111 Stryker Blue ’09 Pontiac G8 GT. You’re probably laughing right now at the notion that I would refer to a four-year-old vehicle as a project, but when you’re a car addict like myself, nothing is ever finished—it’s always a “project.”

Read more: http://www.highperformancepontiac.com/features/1308_2009_pontiac_g8_gt_in_my_words/
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