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I noticed my car would not start because the shifter was physically in park position but, it wasn't. Last night what ever happened, happened. The car is stuck in the drive position and would not let me take the key out. after breaking down the center console, I found the switch to get the key out. Now Im stuck because I see the part that broke. I'm guessing I need the entire assembly. Anybody has one for sell asap before I go to the dealer? Found a picture.

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I replied to your pm, but here's my response in case others have a similar problem:

I think this is the plastic shift linkage that broke and stranded me on the side of the road a while back after I had the warrantee "rear main seal" leak fixed.

so here's what to do, jack up the car and crawl under on your back under the mid-section, directly under where the shifter mechanism is. The exhaust will be in the way, but if your hands/arms are small enough, should be able to get up in there and find a horizontal metal bar that has a ball-in-socket joint that is probably disconnected... there is a plastic "bowl" with some wimpy clips that break after this has been taken apart once, or possibly worn out.

If you have a plastic zip-tie or two, you can get it cripple-working until you can order the part.

The key here is that you need to put the shifter "back in drive" so that the arm will align to the proper position at the other end (if it broke off in drive, if now your shifter is set to park or neutral or any other gear, it will not "line up") ... so don't forget that step. Once you get the ball-and-socket hooked up once again, assuming this is your issue, wrap a ziptie around it to hold it and see if that does the trick.

Here's my thread which you probably already read:


here's another thread on the topic, with a picture I provided with the linkage assembly


You're gonna need to purchase parts #4 and #6 from this picture

TL;DR: Crawl under there first and see if you have a metal bar with a hole in the end "just hanging there" If so ; follow instructions above, no need to purchase entire new shifter, it's just the linkage has fallen off. Ziptie for quick fix, order parts for perminent fix. Or re-design with appropriate washer if you're the "diy" kinda guy. :)
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