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Should I buy a totaled v6 base 1,000$

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So, I need some interior parts but like it’s just plastic covers and whatever nothing crazy. But I’m thinking overtime it’s gonna be harder to get parts and I’m scared if my engine blows one day or tranny. Do I invest now in a damaged car for replacement parts for only 1,000. Have it sit and take what I need from it. Personally I don’t think I’d be able to fix it. They said they drove it a mile but it’s just a base v6 with no packages. Just a suggestion since it popped up close apparently guys wife wants it off his driveway and someone gave him the car and yeah he doesn’t want it.
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If you have a place to keep it, $1000 is a good price. You can even offer lower as the junkyard may only offer them a couple hundred.
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