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SOLD 2009 Stryker Blue 09 Supercharged 45k miles

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Bought this car from a Frmr. fellow moderator here, while he was deployed, almost exactly a year ago. I actually took delivery on 7-4-13.

I have driven the car less than 1500 miles since purchase. She is the garage queen in a 2 g8 home, I have a 2011 Chevy truck that I DD and a company vehicle, so she is just a beautiful trophy that I stare at. Here is the original thread where I found her.
She is parked in a completely closed and locked shop and has not been rained on since my purchase.

I am purchasing a home and priorities have changed. Time to let someone else stare at her in their garage.


2009 Pontiac G8 Gt 45,000 miles, Excellent Clean Carfax
Camaro 20's
Fully tinted with strip on windshield
VIM and Blue Radio Lettering by GTPRIX
Infinity door speakers
Rotofab Intake
Rotofab Radiator cover
TVS 1900
Solo Axlebacks
Xpipe w/ center muff - reso delete
Stock Manifolds and Cats for emissions compliance
Weathertec mats (4)
Color matched Lower Grills
Color matched GXP Diffuser
Color matched Sharkfin
Viper Smart Start

I also have Uninstalled mods listed below, available as optional additions, for purchaser of car only. WILL NOT PART OUT.
Unpainted V6 door handles,
NIB Bohnman front splitter
Holden Triple gauge pod center trim package (without gauges)
09+ CTSV front and rear Brembos with true two piece front rotors. (Complete set with Squash rear bracket and e-brake shoe)

Pics below are a year old, and I will update when I get home, but the car is essentially the same without the ugly yellow sticker on the top of the windshield. (Sorry Strykerblue09)

Asking $27,000 and will be flexible on driving to deliver in person.

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Sale Pending!
look what i found, I have known Bruce for awhile now he runs the shop next to my performance shop. He had seen my car multiple times and told me in the past how much he liked my car. I hear that from time to time so i don't think they are going to run out and buy one. But I guess that's what he did. If you didn't know already he loves that car and i am teaching him everything i know. right now he is driving it around with a blanket on the seat to keep himself from getting it dirty lol!
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Glad it went to a good home.
Awesome! First time I see it since it left. I hope it likes the dry L.V. air better than the humidity here.

Yea, He said he loved the car. I'm happy it has gone to an enthusiast with such credentials in the aftermarket business.

He made me promise not to publicly say where it was going, or what will be done... lol!
no car likes our terrible air out here, but at least there isn't any way for it to rust.
Why does nobody put SOLD in title? I was so excited to find a supercharged SBM :(
This was/is an awesome car so it's great it went to a fellow enthusiast. I can totally relate, SMSO966, with the "your first g8 holds a special place in your heart" part....

Closing this down and renaming the title SOLD as requested.
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