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Thank you to Jeff and everyone from SOLO Performance for stepping up to the plate to be our primary event sponsor for the 2nd year in a row!

You guys took a big chance on a brand new event last year, and gave one lucky winner an entire catback exhaust system. This was a huge incentive for people to come to the event, because every registered car got a chance to win it. We had 65 G8s (13 GXPs, 50 GTs, and 2 Base) there for the inaugural event, and it looks like we can expect alot more there this time around.

Once again, Jeff has committed a catback system to a lucky raffle winner, along with T-Shirts, and funds to offset additional expenses this year (I don't have anymore trophies to donate, so we'll have to buy some).

I encourage anyone who is considering buying a quality exhaust system to support the companies who support our hobby! SOLO Performance puts it's money and parts where it's mouth is, and they deserve our business!

Thanks Jeff!
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