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The 2013 Chevrolet Lumina SSV Redline edition will be the last of what will be a future classic for South Africa.

The Lumina has been available for many years as a V8-powered SS model. It served as a range-topping halo model for the Chevrolet badge in the region. Unlike most other export markets, it has been available as a ute as well.

The Lumina SS was available until a couple of years ago in LHD form in the Middle East. Some were even the desirable Lumina CSV CR8 model, which was similar to a G8 GXP or an HSV Clubsport in its specifications.

Review quote:
Soon the well-loved Chevrolet Lumina SSV will be given the chop, but not before giving a final performance on the stage of 2013 with a special Redline edition. As Caroline Thomas, Product Communications Manager for General Motors South Africa explained, the automaker will be focussing on their high volume models. So the next iteration of the Lumina, already launched in Australia as the Holden Commodore, will not be brought here.

If you want to enjoy the thuggish charms of this muscular brute, you will have to act swiftly. The Lumina SSV Redline looks poised to have some degree of collectibility. It has authentic chrome alloy wheels, Brembo brake calipers coated in striking red paint, a reverse camera and a stiffer suspension.

Despite being around since 2008, with no major aesthetic overhauls, the bad boy Chevrolet still manages to look contemporary and has more charisma than certain German alternatives.

...You could even describe it as a value proposition, there is no other car that offers this much power and size, for under R600 000.

Driving the soon-to-be-departed V8 sedan, one conjures up images of Elvis Presley in the twilight days. A little bloated and past his prime, but still capable of a gutsy performance that elicits a mixture of poignance and admiration. Once the charismatic Lumina is axed from our market, Chevrolet will have no halo model to cast a cloud of excitement over the rest of the range.

Full review: http://www.surf4cars.co.za/news/article/592/Review:_2013_Chevrolet_Lumina_SSV_Redline



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So I'm assuming the VF will not continue over there.
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