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Stock Radio Only Plays Right Rear, Center, and Rear subs

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Hi All. well I just picked up a 2009 G8 GT with Factory Blaupunkt and I have a strange problem.
I have no front door speak sound (Left or Right), do have center, and I have rear Pass speaker with sound. Rear subs seem to work fine.
I have played around with balance, fader,etc and no no sound. I am wondering if anyone repairs these factory head units. I was always happy with my 2006 GTO radio and expect this one will be better, once I fix it.
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Thanks for the feedback. I looked at rear trunk yesterday and didn't see anything but I havent peeked near radio yet, which I need to do.
Thanks everyone. Today I started pulling speakers and you guys were right.....corroded wires at the door speakers. Got a nice surprise that previous owner upgraded to Polk so I can send back the $250 worth of speakers I just bought. :)
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