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It might be cold outside...but when you need brakes you need brakes!

For Tax Time, we have dug deep to find some extra savings for you. Basically, we have a coupon that offers 5% off any combination of DBA rotors and Hawk pads! This also works on our packages we already have.

The Coupon code is dbahawktax, and works on orders over $200 for Hawk Pads and DBA rotors.

This code has a set number of uses, and when it is done, it can't be used anymore.

All Orders over $250 ship FREE! If you have Questions, call us @ 443-730-9428!

Note DBA had a price increase March 1st. We have not raised price yet, but it coming. Also, we stock these rotors pretty heavily to keep the backorders other places run into down!

Check out our "Build Your Own" Brake Packages at the Link Below-


Check Out Our Complete 2004-2006 GTO Brake lineup at the link below-


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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