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Last December I ordered a Street 2 GSR Package from Rob at Wretched Motorsports. As many of you know there have been some problems with getting the rear shocks. I was constantly told that they were supposed to be on the next shipment. One time they were even sent to me but the delivery was intercepted and went to another customer. I was not really upset with the delay since I'm really tied up in home renovations and couldn't get them installed anyway.

I sent a follow up email yesterday and was told that they were do in any day but due to very long delay I was offered the opportunity to exchange the GSR Shock, springs and other bits for a set of XA Coilovers. THe GSR bits are on their way back to Pedders.

Needless to say I am very happy customer and can't wait for the install. Thanks to Rob Anderson for keeping me posted since the purchase and a very special thanks to Deb Basica for the generous offer.
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