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As I posted you are lucky but I guess it saves on tires. At 285/35/18 ZR They ain't cheap. When I brought it to GM, I was hoping for a repair. I bought a tuner to remove the RPM and speed limiters. But what do I do about the Traction control? I once again was hoping I could pull a fuse or something easy like that or slip the GM tech $50 to turn it off for good. Who knows. I am in the next year hope to buy the scanner with the licensed software $2000 to have the ultimate control of the GM computer on all my GM/ Holden vehicles. Maybe then? Until then It accelerates like crazy and I am going to enjoy every minute of fun with my drive like the rest of G8 nation. Keep you posted on the top speed?

You dont need to remove the rev limiter if your car has stock internals. No point. What 2k scanner? I have Hp tuners and it was only 650(cheaper now with the MVPI2)
1021 - 1021 of 1021 Posts
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