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Caution: This is experimental, so do at your own risk.

I just want to share with you my experience about this.

I am in the AUS / NZ area so the item/s may differ to what you have over here. I am doing a copy and paste from my original post here. (Top Radiator Neck (Fix) LS / V8) its sometimes good to hear feedback from many.

So if you came across your hose popping off, then you most likely came across the why? The dreaded neck snapping off at the end which gives us nothing really to clamp on to as you can see below. In my case I accidentally lent on it and snapped it off lol.


After countless hours on google and different forums I somehow came across this item "28.5mm Pushfit Hose Sleeve Seal" for less then $10.
Waste Pushfit Hose Sleeve Seal 28.5mm


Which is honestly the most perfect fit you could ever ask for.

The only thing I am not 100% familiar with is the material which is "Santoprene" rubber, but a quick google seems to show it can handle temperatures between " -60° C to + 135° C (-81° F to +275° F) with no cracking or tackiness". Basically its near or just below the same material used on the radiator hose, which is EPDM rubber.

So I sanded flat the broken edge with sandpaper & block and roughen the neck. No Images.

Grabbed some JB Weld High Heat Epoxy, I went with High-Heat as it seems to have better reviews compared to extreme-heat, which made me think they possibly put more effort into making it handle heat over the bonding. Who knows, anyways...


Put in the epoxy, pushed it on and let it sit overnight.


the next day, I tried to forcefully pull it off but there was no budge, i felt like i was going to crack the radiator more then pulling it off.

Next step, i kept the original Clamp to use as a another safety holder to make sure the pushfit sleeve does not come off inside the hose and travels to a place it should not (see pic below) (However, I am skeptical that I am actually putting more pressure on the hose to pop off, but at this moment I will give it a test) I used a hose clamp that I can tighten with a flat head up as front as I could but leaving some of the hose. So basically the sleeve acts as a Nipple to keep the hose on.


The pull test is great!

The only test I have done so far, is a 1 hour drive trying to get temps to stay over 100c. But the fans are just too good, and brings it back down to 94/95. I was using engineer mode to keep an eye on the temp.

Anyway, I will do this everyday this week, and they decide if i should pull apart and check everything or just keep it like this. Am keen to hear feedback, especially if you know alot more regarding these Santoprene sleeves and or High Temp Epoxy.

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I also had the radiator top hose blow out problem.
It only needs a little force to hold it in place.
I decided to fix it myself by bending a short piece of zinc coated metal around the radiator cap neck and tie it into the clamp. (see pictures)
Fix has worked for 20000 miles and no slip, just looks a little ugly.

The bottom and top radiator lips are the same design but no one ever complains about the bottom one breaking.
I believe the top one is breaking because people are leaning on it when working on the car.
Mine broke about 1 month after having the dealer replace the harmonic balancer.
I believe they inadvertently cracked it and it broke soon afterwards.

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