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I recently tuned fuel for part throttle after installing a VCM intake and a set of LT's. (thanks Bluegoat and others)
I won't be installing the WB for a few weeks so I can't do WOT tuning just yet.

So I was thinking of jumping into the trans tune while I wait. I have read countless articles and threads about this process (bluegoats included) and still am not sure which direction to go.
Many say to get as much TM out of the tranny as possible (comortably) and then tweak from there. Others discurage taking TM out.
It seems there is more than one way to derive at the same "solution" or transmission feel in this case.

I would greatly appreciate any help toward getting a good DD tuned trans. I'll be commuting a lot with "normal" but want something a bit more sporty for sport. Nice, smooth, firm shifts is what I'm after. This is not a racecar by no means. Need the Mrs. to be happy.
If someone has something along these lines I could look at in the compare mode of HPT I would appreciate it.
Bluegoat does a nice job of pointing out what things are/do and the areas to look to change. However its hard to grasp just how far to go in each area of hpt. (I understand that this is probably partly intentional)

If there are lessons learned to gain from I'm all ears.
Thanks in advance.
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