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Very rough idle cold start. Only after sitting 4 hours or so (half as bad as vid) video is from sitting overnight. The rough idle lasts for 3 to 5 seconds then runs good. Before it only did this in freezing temps. Rarely it will stall out. Sometimes pops from exhaust when its idling rough.
6.0/kooks/rotofab/livernois tune
Does it on stock tune too.
Cleaned maf
Cleaned tb
Performed injector test with AFIT all within 3%
Performed fuel pressure leakdown test with AFIT, no fuel bleeddown after 15 minutes.
Fuel pressure 58psi
Performed crankshaft variation learn
Performed idle learn reset
Just changed spark plugs
All temp sensors read what they should.
TECH2 shows no misfires
Any ideas?
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