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Good day everyone, it finally started to get warm up here in Northeast region, and before long we'll have a nice spring/summer.

That said I wanted to look into a problem that rears its ugly head every single $%@ time it gets above 85 degrees. The damn AC!

I've seen similar posts, but with the symptoms being kind of generic honestly I feel it could be everything from low coolant, to bad electrics/battery, to bad compressor. So here are the symptoms...

The most obvious symptom is that there is a LOUD buzzing sound comming from under the hood. At first I though it might have been the motor, given to F$# loud it is, but it isn't.

I've also noticed that this tends to happen only at certain times, and not all the time. For example it only happens when its hot (high 80's and hotter.) and AC is engaged. Obviously if AC is off, there is no issue. On low temperatures I can provoke it by dialing the climate control down to lowest setting. (I always keep mine at 70)

During the winter/Fall/Spring this does not happen. ONLY when it is hot outside.

Also, it rarely ever happens when I am moving at highway speeds. Usually it occurs when im in traffic, or when im moving at very slow speeds (usually sub 40mph.) If on road at it occurs, I usually jab the accelerator rev/speed up and it goes away.

When the buzz happens my radiator fans are also spinning at max speed. Typically I know this is coming, for when I hear the rad fans pick up, this thing happens a few minutes later.

When driving and the buzz occurs, the cold air stops flowing in, and warm moist air begins blowing in instead.

I once managed to pop the hood while the buzz came on, to notice the AC lines vibrating visually, when looking at the AC, it was spinning. Fastening the lines, quieted the buzz, but did not stop the problem.

If anyone here who knows how these things are could please let me know what they think this is, I would be very grateful. Thank you so much in advance for any feed back.
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