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Took a few days off and one of the things I knew I had to do was get my G8 cleaned up. Didn't go all out on it, due to a sore back and arm. Shot a bunch of 12 gauge yesterday in my auto gun and my arm is feeling it today. It doesn't take tons of money in fancy products to get a good look.

Products used:
Mother Caranuba wash
Autogeek mit
1 bucket method
Absorber chamois to dry
Collinite 915 wax
Mother showtime detailer
Cobra miracle microfiber towels

Washed and dried it like I normally would. Started applying wax working ONE panel at a time. Started out letting it dry way to long and it was a pain to remove, but after I figured out the dry time (1-2 minutes) I was good. Removed wax and sprayed on detailer simultaneously. Applied the detailer to every surface except plastic. Here are the results.


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Beautiful. Nice work!
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