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Weird noise

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My car has recently been making loud thuds when turning left or right , even when rolling in reverse . The wheels feel sluggish and skip a bit , there isn’t any humming or grinding coming from the differential . Any ideas what it might be ? Diff ? Axles ? The noise is coming from the rear ,
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What do you mean, "the wheels feel sluggish"?
I had some of the craziest sounds that I thought at first was the strut mounts/links/bushings. It wasn't, then I checked the wheel bearings/hubs/ brakes/calipers and wasn't any of that either. It turned out to be the driveshaft. The carrier bearing was non existent and the driveshaft bounced around easily when I would turn it. Also, the splines were twisted. Truth be told, I'm surprised it help up as long as it did with how much extra power it has vs stock. So I replaced the driveshaft with a one piece from DSS and the only issue the guy at the shop had was he had to bang the heat shield out a little for it to fit and have enough clearance. So get her up on a lift and if you or your shop has a chassis ear, use that to identify where the sound is coming from because I can tell you I would've sworn the noise I had was coming from the passenger side in the front. Hope this helps in some way.
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