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Wanted: 50% Off Installation
GMT900 (2007 Full Size GM SUV) for Springs, Struts, Shocks, and a few Bushings ***Offering 2 Kits***
Solstice/Skye for Springs
G5/Cobalt for Springs
G6 for Springs
HHR for Springs
Malibu (New Style)/Aura for Springs
Vibe/Matrix (M Body) for Springs
RX8 for Springs and Front Links

I'm looking to get a few cars in the shop for training and are offering them at 50% off of the installation,

If you can get someone to bring me their car, I will send you a gift certificate good for $100 at the store(or if you have one yourself i'll take an additional $100 off of your bill) The $100 gift cert is for Westfield-ET, not the internet store.

This offer will be for this week, and we'll re-evaluate it at the end of the month and see if we will continue the offer.
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