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OK, I've been thinking about this after putting up my hand and saying I would run this. The local PNW site (link to come) will contain the information but this is what I'm thinking based on feedback, and try to accomodate all of those who live west of the Rockies.

Friday, July 30, 2010: Rally day, this is the day for people to arrive in Medford, Oregon (it will all make sense, trust me). I will identify a place we can get together for those who arrive in town on Friday for meet/greet/and dinner. No route/schedule.

Saturday, July 31, 2010: First official day of meet. 9 AM group meeting and safety briefing. Then head south on I-5 into California, then west on Highway 96, the Bigfoot Highway to Eureka, California. Stop in Happy Camp for swimming, and if there is enough interest/large enough group, I can arrange a white water rafting trip for the afternoon. The Bigfoot Highway is legendary, and not just for Bigfoot sightings, but for being one of the most performance car friendly strips of aslphalt in North America. Lots of twists, turns, and dips, a speed limit that allows you to enjoy it without wearing an asshat, and interesting small towns on the way. End in Eureka, California. Dinner at the Samoa Cookhouse and then a cruise into the Tastee-Freeze Drive-In. This is about 250 miles of driving, including going from location to location within Eureka, California.

Sunday, August 1, 2010: Depart Eureka at 9 AM and head south on Highway 101 until it becomes part of Highway 128. Stop in Geyserville, the northern edge of California wine country, and then east on 121 into the Napa Valley. Stop at various wineries on the way for tasting and buying. As tempting as it may be to head west back toward San Francisco for a group crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge, it drops you right into the heart of San Francisco, which is very hard to navigate, and would be impossible for us to stay together as a group. As the sun goes down instead we'll head east and spend the night in Vacaville, California. This is about 275 miles of driving for the day.

Monday, August 2, 2010: Depart Vacaville at 10 AM and head on I-80 to Sacramento and then onto US-50 into the Sierra Nevada mountains and Lake Tahoe. Stop on the Nevada side for the night (a light travel day). Catamaran ride as a group on Lake Tahoe itself (weather permitting) and a day to enjoy the area. This is about 180 miles of driving for the day, that would include exploring the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010: Depart Lake Tahoe for a stop in Carson City and the Railroad Museum, and then head north on the shortest drive day of all for our last day, and final stop in Reno, Nevada. This is about 60 miles of driving on the final day, that includes side trips.

The first two days are more about the "drive" and enjoying our cars then it is about the destination (although the Samoa Cookhouse is amazing) while the next two days are more about the destination then the driving (although driving up to Tahoe is great also). For those sensitive about racking up miles the total trip is well under 1K miles (plus arrival/return). Also by staying in Eureka, Vacaville and Reno for those on a budget, cheap hotels are open options (Tahoe is expensive in summer, but we arrive on a weekday).

I know I had offered a plan to start at Crater Lake, but it is a very remote location. This route allows people from all over the west from Montana to New Mexico, from California to British Columbia, come to a location rather central, see some amazing things, drive an epic road, explore California wine country, and get in some Vegas gambling.
So who is in?
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