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Windshield availability

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The factory 92208207 windshield is no US stock, no delivery times .
Usually, this is the prequel to NLA.

Does anyone know the actual differences of the 92272887 Caprice of 92281591 SS ?
SS is rain sensing so there is that.
What I am asking, are they the same shape other than the blackout areas ?

Next, for people that have gone aftermarket, what brands are the correct Acoustic windshield ?

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Problem for me, a Canadian Dealer can't even order parts that are specific to the SS or the Caprice
That is not true, the GM parts supply chain is unified/integrated for Canada and USA.
Canadian dealers can order anything a US dealer can.

However, they will not be able to help figuring out which part to get when the G8 part is NLA - if you're wanting an SS/PPV part, they never saw those cars and it would be unfair to expect them to know the ins and outs of models they never sold :)

What I do, figure out the part number from Rockauto, USA GM online parts sites or forum information. Then look for availability on the online parts order system from a few of the Canadian GM dealers who do online orders, then order it. Only once I had to email first as some items they can get aren't on the website. No need to mention it's a Caprice or SS part, or USA only - don't give them a reason to be spooked and not order the part... Just make sure you got the right #'s first!
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Go ahead, try it
I have done it plenty of times - however I did not check to try and order the whole car!
My high-mounted brake light is the SS part, got it from Tubman.
I have a few other PPV and SS parts from the dealer but I'd have to look through my orders... my GXP has been quite the project...
The local dealer was definitely able to provide a quote on a GXP manual transmission, and it's on order - still waiting for it to arrive. That was definitely never sold in Canada!

I saw a post from somebody working in GM parts supply explaining it a few years ago, might be from LS1tech? He said you could order anything (at the time), and everything I needed I could get so far!

Not surprising there would be exceptions... especially glass, the longer time it spends in the truck the more chance of breaking it.
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Indeed that info I saw previously is incorrect, good/bad to know I can't actually get everything from the catalog - better to know ahead of time I guess!

A complete GXP TR6060 ?
What happened ??

Mine had the cold grind 1-2 since new but the fix was a bunch of parts listed for a '12 Camaro :)
Were you able to do the work on your own, or worked with a shop?

The trans was broken when I got the car, no idea how it got like this.
There aren't that many manual G8 GXP's already imported and ready to go, I figured it would be cheaper to fix this one than importing a nice one from USA... it will be when done but not by much.

1st gear goes in <30% of the time at a stop, doesn't go in when going 2km/h or above.
2nd gear is better but far from normal
3-4th gear synchros not great either
I can hear many busted bearings now. (That's a newer development)
Output shaft seal was leaking, clutch was burnt out, when I test drove it I saw some of the issues but didn't realize their extent or the cost of parts at the time... I figure it was possibly driven with low/no trans fluid at some point.

Checked with a few transmission places locally in Calgary, they wouldn't work on it (What's a G8?). Called 5 or 6 LS speed shops, they all work with RPM, they couldn't refer anybody local.
Next option was Tick Performance, seems like the preferred rebuilder on this forum... their free shipping doesn't apply to Canada (they don't discount for not using the shipping) and the posted price includes the package parts only - broken parts not included in the package are extra $$$.

Found a couple places in Alberta that could get the parts. I looked into doing it myself but I'm not quite at that level yet.

With the best shipping quotes I got, I had a buffer of about 700$ for parts + any duties/GST CBSA will want, before the Tick way being more than the brand new trans. Decided to go for the sure thing this time.

Totally possible I missed a shop that could do it for less though!
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Wow that's nice of him to sell it all fixed up!
Ya I still don't get why the one guy who works on T56's locally in his own shop refused to work on this one...

Did you read about the cowl clips, apparently they often break when removing the cowl to replace the windshield: Plastic cowl below the front windshield
At least one type is NLA, there is an aftermarket source from Australia mentioned in the thread.

Please share where you eventually get a windshield from, at some point we all need one :)
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